How it works

What paintless dent repair entails

Dentique Paintless Dent Repair can handle over 95% off all dents that are brought to our technicians.

Generally speaking, dents are removed by slowly and strategically 'massaging' the metal back to its original shape using specialized tools and techniques.

The Dentique Technician, or 'Metal Masseuse’ strategically shrinks the metal and patiently relieves the metal stresses. In most cases, the metal is worked both in and out to smooth out the area until the result is perfect.

In this manner the Dentique Technician is reworking the crystalline structure of the metal in the same fashion that a Black Smith worked their metal magic. The dent area can become stronger than it was originally, preventing the dent from 'popping' back in.

Dentique can handle over 95% off all dents that are presented to them. Our technicians access the areas from behind the dents.

Heat can be applied to the area to prevent paint cracking. As long as the paint on the dent area isn't broken the paint will remain intact.

For most door dings, they may be able to access the door through the window opening. For areas such as the roof, hood or trunk lid trim panels may have to be removed. There is generally access to over 95% off all body panel pieces.

Other challenges include body panel seams, depth and angle of the dent. These factors will be discussed with you when you bring your vehicle in for a Free Estimate.