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What is that you say, you've never heard of paintless dent repair?

Well, you're probably not alone in that regard, as paintless dent repair is a niche type of business that you may never know about until it's needed.

Most people have never heard about paintless dent repair until there is a dent in their vehicle, and the search for the body shop begins. Hold on though, there is a choice. YOU have a choice!

Here at Dentique Paintless Dent Repair we have been serving the our community with distinction, honesty and professionalism since 1993.

Our technicians or "metal masseuses" strive tirelessly perfecting the ART of paintless dent repair.

In the beginning...

We started, way back when, as a small one man operation just like most other small businesses. Dentique serviced the entire Okanagan Valley from Osoyoos to Kamloops as almost no one, including any of the car dealerships had ever seen or heard of paintless dent repair, never mind Dentique Paintless Dent Repair.

It took a little while to prove to people that dents, dings, creases and hail damage don't instantly require a trip to the body shop and a repaint of the panel being repaired.  The only problem with providing excellent service and quality work is that word gets around and soon one thing inevitably occurs, you need more bodies.

Over the years we have striven, to add more and more like minded individuals to our team, people who want to provide the same level of service and dedication to their customers. If you are looking for a true craftsman near you to assist in returning the beauty, and aerodynamic look of your vehicle please check here for one of our Dentique locations near you.

At Dentique Paintless Dent Repair we pride ourselves in providing the BEST quality repairs and the most friendly service possible. Paintless Dent Repair is truly a form of art as we restore the canvas, your vehicle, to its former beauty. Just like you, we take great pride in our vehicles, and since for most people a car is the second most expensive purchase we will ever make, not including a home. Why not keep your purchase looking pristine and dent free.

All of the technicians at Dentique Paintless Dent Repair are true craftsmen, and like any craftsmen, their dedication to perfection is important. Perfecting the ART of Paintless Dent Repair takes time and dedication and years of practice. All of the technicians at Dentique have been perfecting their craft for a minimum of 10 years, so you know that you, and your car, are getting the most experienced care possible.

Do you have that dent or ding drives that you crazy every time you look at it, wash the car, or a friend keeps mentioning that minor imperfection. You owe it to yourself to have your vehicle looked at by one of our craftsmen, and get it repaired so that the blemish will bother you no more. Click here to see some of our past work!